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Neogen Agecure Extra Firming Face Serum 30ml

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-Vitality Boosting, Skin Strengthening : Contains various vitamins with anti-oxidant benefits that deliver tightening, hydrating and revitalizing benefits to the skin while helping your skin regain its natural strength by helping to maximize the absorption of the other skincare products in your skincare routine.

- Dual Brightening/Wrinkle : KFDA approved dual performance for brightening and wrinkle improving cream that helps with age spots, sunspots, freckles, fine lines, wrinkles, and deep wrinkles.

- Patented, High Concentration, Quality : Contains patented ingredients like ‘Collageneer’, ‘Voluform’ and ‘Argireline’

- An absorbent serum texture formula that contains patented compounds of Argireline and Voluform that help stimulate collagen while improving elasticity of the skin for lifting, firming, and younger looking skin. Serum texture applies smoothly and absorbs easily into the skin for effective penetration of the innovative skin age- reversing ingredient benefits. It also boosts skin texture, radiance, and glow, so the result is a glossy, youthful, and healthy skin.



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